Sky Frontiers

Day 1 -- Vire's Rest

The Start

Day 1. Vire’s Rest

We sail our skiff into Vire’s Rest, there are a couple small shrines to a couple of gods. The Docs District is the launch point for expeditions into the frontier. Here are many inns, places to rest, restore supplies, etc.

Outside of town are orchards (but not for eating). A primary export is a breed of moth that weaves a silk that is infused with tiny fibers of the air-ship metal. The fruit trees are full of moth larva.

When the metal is magically lifting, it attracts moisture, causing clouds to gather around the floating islands. This prevented the islands from being spotted from the ground until the airships reached them.

We pay for our berth: 2gp We pay for a week of 3 rooms at the inn: 1gp

The party lands and find the Suspended Dragon. An inn and tavern. We enjoy dinner and singing before going to bed.

At oh-gods-hundred there is a warning bell ringing us from our sleep. We stagger out of bed. Tika runs outside with her falchion in hand, now changed to look like a goliath.

A large ship is coming down in the orchards just outside of town. The party puts on their armor and gear and head for the orchard.

The boat appears to have a name, but it is in a language nobody knows. After some consideration of history, it is identified as the lost language now called Tormium (named after Torm, the first person that found a sample of the old language).

An ancient, lost language is on the side of the boat: Tormium. It looks like where you would put the ship name.

We use grapling hooks to get onto the deck. There are no sailing masts—the ships engineering is beyond current technology and the understanding of sailing air ships.

A large gouge in the deck runs along the ship.

A housing has been smashed and ripped away.

No bodies are seen.

A large staircase leads below deck.

Dim, dark lights are set in the ceiling of the passages. Wooden crates are disintegrating on contact. Decayed debris litters the rooms.

In one storage room we were attacked by ghouls, a gast, and 2 tentacled other-dimensional icky things.

After dispatching the creatures, we found: Silver filigree set with moonstones (250gp) Jade Moth (250gp) 250gp



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