Sky Frontiers

Day 2 -- Up Way Too Early

Still exploring the ancient Tormium ship We find a ledger most of which is written in Tormium, at the end of the entries is a date in common: exactly 10 years ago today.

Tika’s and Viva’s Mom’s name, Elerry, is listed in a ledger, her name is crossed out as is the name of her adventuring group.

Lord Jerk (the one that gave Tika her psychic powers) with a list of names that are all crossed out.

As we are looking at the last page, more words start appearing: Header Today’s date Characters we don’t recognize.

Fight through the engine room Find a +2 Flesh Grinder Great Axe

We turn on the ship’s engine, take off a little, then hear a loud rumble. We land the ship and run out into the orchard.

We then run outside into the orchard. The engine explodes and a strange, semi-transparent giant snake slithers out through the deck and flys out into the sky.

Abernathy the Archeologist hangs out on his own floating island, he studies old ruins, etc.

The party plans to get the journal translated and to go see Abernathy.

The journal’s entries that have the ship name are now all crossed out. A new entry with a different prefix (rarely used in the book) appears with today’s date and something in Tormium.

XP 1st session: 200 Total XP: 1775 XP: 295

Total XP: 495

Next Friday: Scales of War Next Sunday: board games



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